Comisiones Abiertas

Yeah! I made comissions again! and now for everything you imagine, with no restrictions!!

if you want a comission check this list for a good prices!!

Halloween2012 by ~Amiki-Zorsez

SCRAP // LineArt

USD $1.50 to $2.50

EUR  €1.00 to €2

Kiss3 by ~Amiki-ZorsezOC-Lobo by ~Amiki-Zorsez 

TRADITIONAL COLOR! (the very very best work)

-the cost depends on the technique you apply

USD $20 to $40

EUR €15 to €30

 Festival Night by ~Amiki-Zorsez Dancing in the moonlight by ~Amiki-Zorsez The Invocation by ~Amiki-Zorsez


USD $10 to $30

EUR €7 to €22

Wallpaper Zorsez AllStars by ~Amiki-Zorsez  Thinking of you by ~Amiki-Zorsez

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